flush mount floor register

Flush mount floor register installation

Excluding baseboard registers, flush mount vent covers are situated into general categories: surface mount registers and additionally flush mount registers. A wooden vent cover being installed along with new three quarter inch thick wood flooring is intended to be level with the surrounding area, neither appreciabley higher nor lower, is a flush mount floor register. The Flush mount floor register rests on a ledge (or rabbet) inside a frame. Installion of flush mount vent covers is accomplished by flooring contractors, typically. The frame attaches to the subfloor and then new flooring is laid around it. Then the register portion that the air flows through is simply dropped into the frame. At that point all the strips of flooring as well as the flush mount floor register are at slightly different heights. But then the entire floor is sanded with a floor sander prior to applying a finish. At that point the entire floor surface is exactly at the same level. So you can see that having the flush mount vent covers on hand before the flooring contractor shows up would be a very important objective to achieve. Interestingly, flush mount vent covers can be "cut in" to an existing floor, but it is much more difficult and you would not want to pick an idiot for the job.

measuring for flush mount vent covers

Unlike metal heat registers, a wood vent cover usually requires that the duct opening be very close to the specified size. For example, if a ten by four register is ordered, then the duct opening should actually be ten by four inches. If it is somewhat oversized that still probably work fine. However, if undersized, for example lets say it is nine and a half by four, then it probably won't fit. You may need to see if there is a way to make the opening a little larger. We can make a custom size register, but that rules out the possibility of having a damper, so that may not be the best choice.

Wood choices

Standard woods supplied are either red oak or paint grade maple. However, there are many other wood options available including white oak, American cherry, hickory, African mahogany, sapele, Santos mahogany, Brazilian walnut, purpleheart, alder, ash, grey elm, poplar, red birch, southern yellow pine, white pine, yellow birch, eucalyptus and many exciting additional choices.

The quality of our joinery is second to none. This is important since a flush mount floor register is not easily replaced if breakage happens. Often customers call with an existing register purchased somewhere else that broke. If that is your situation keep all the parts together and give us a call. One of our specialties is to construct a new flush mount heat register based on the dimensions of someone elses broken register that has exactly the the correct thickness to match the broken register's thickness, which you may recall started at three quarter inch thick but then got sanded down to somewhat thinner.

matching air returns

If you choose to get this style of flush mount vent covers consider looking at the matching air returns, which is typically used on the wall or ceiling. In a wall location they may be located somewhere above the baseboard in which case the best option is one featuring slats that are all parallel (usually to the long sides) and all pointing the same direction (single deflection). Edges are usually but not always rounded over. Alternatively, an air return may be located on the wall but all the way down at floor level in which case the width of the unit is critical since it must fit in between the baseboards perfectly. Furthermore, the edges are usually straight and not rounded over so that the baseboards can butt up to them successfully.

Rickenbacker flush mount

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duct opening no damper with damper
2.25 by 10 $27.95 $38.95
2.25 by 12 $27.95 $38.95
2.25 by 14 $27.95 $39.95
4 by 8 $27.95 $39.95
4 by 10 $29.95 $41.95
4 by 12 $29.95 $41.95
4 by 14 $33.95 $46.95
6 by 10 $37.95 $51.95
6 by 12 $39.95 $53.95
6 by 14 $41.95 $54.95

s&h: 8% but
at least $16.95

back view of flush mount floor register
flush mount vent covers
low profile damper in closed position
side view