cast iron registers covers

Cast iron register covers

Cast iron register covers are a superlative choice in the situation where you may unfortunately have a lot of foot traffic and your heat register is located in the high traffic zone. Ordinarily this is not a good location for registers and they are not typically located in a high traffic area, but sometimes knocking out walls to enlarge a room will result in a situation like this. Also, houses from the eighteen hundreds that originally did not have a central heating system will often be retrofitted for an hvac system and it may be very difficult to install the ducting in the most beneficial location and the end result may be opening up duct locations in a less than ideal location such as a high traffic area. In this kind of scenario you definitely would want to have a faceplate that can stand up to repeated abuse caused by foot traffic and cast iron floor vents are one of the best solutions in this situation. Many consumer grade registers have metal faceplates that are so wimpy that you can bend them with your thumb, but you are definitely not going to be doing that with cast iron. Think about cast iron frying pans. That is the level of durability that we are talking about with our cast iron floor vents.

cast iron floor vents, some considerations

Cast iron floor vents were the most popular style at the advent of the centralized heating system in the Victorian era. The faceplate designs shown in our historic cast iron collection of cast iron register covers will probably look very familiar to you. In addition, we also make a very similar faceplate design in both wood and steel. Wood is worth considering if you have installed additional ducting in the ceiling or wall, probably to add an air conditioning capability. The wood is much lighter in weight and if it fell off the ceiling you wouldn't end up in the hospital such as would probably happen in the case of cast iron register covers. Steel versions of these designs are an excellent alternative if you have large sizes for which casting molds don't exist. The large sizes in steel can be made in any oddball dimension you might have. Furthermore, steel is less brittle than cast iron floor vents, which is not an issue with standard size supply registers, but may be an issue in very large size air returns.

Cast iron register covers

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