metal return air filter grille

Metal return air filter grille

Metal return air filter grille units are usually something that occupy a significant amount of square inches. Consequently, it's beneficial acquiring something visually pleasing due to it's prominence. Air return with filter assemblies are typically used in the event the more common location adjacent to the furnace is relatively inaccessible, for example in alligator infested crawl spaces under the house, or cramped attic knee-walls covered with loose fiberglass insulation.

Air return with filter

A metal return air filter grille must have as part of it's basic design, the ability to remove the faceplate quickly and easily to facilitate the exchange of the old dirty filter with a new clean filter. Some faceplates are easier to remove than others. The turn of the century style air return with filter has a couple of thumbscrews that you simply rotate to release the faceplate, which then pivots down allowing easy access to the filter but also makes the process very manageable since a person does not have to manhandle a detached faceplate.

Metal versus wood return air grilles

Wood return with filter assemblies can exhibit voluminous amounts of space occupied by the wooden box assembly that holds the filters. However, many customers have limited space to accommodate the filter box assembly. It's fortuitous that metal styles require inconsequential clearance for filter boxes; if measurements are tightly inflexible metal might be a superior choice. Consider giving us a call with your measurements so our experienced personnel can deternmine best possible solutions. Often many different routes to excellent results exist; experience is essential when configuring.

Innumerable multitudes don't replace their filters often enough. Filters are inexpensive and changing filters avoids serious efficiency losses in your hvac system, money savings occasionally are significant, certainly greater than the filter expenditure. Filters sometimes exhibit immaculate appearance, but holding up to light juxtaposed with new filter any opaqueness will become apparent, indicating that filter replacement is necessary.

Extraordinarily, filter manufacturers continually make blue filters or white filters, neither generally complementing typical decor. White starts looking very dingy in short order. Luckily, blackout foam has acceptable airflow characteristics, scan be placed in front of the ugly filter and will exhibit a classy dark charcoal designer look.

Occasionally someone expresses a desire to incorporate an air return with filter even though existing filtration exists elsewhere in the system, usually at the furnace location. While not verboten, the impediment to airflow by adding additional objects in the airstream are possibly counterproductive and minimally create additional unwanted expenditures and installation difficulties that perhaps remain best avoided.

Filtration material availability exists generally in nicely edge-bound rectangles, but also material suitable for cutting with a scissors-type implement is worth considering if conditions exist where correct sized filters are difficult to locate locally or in the eventuality of having to use a custom size, which is sometimes unavoidable.

Almost more than any other type of hvac accouterments, a metal air return filter grille requires specialized knowledge and expertise to configure correctly so when it is removed from the packing material there is a high likelihood of fitting without any modifications or grief. For that reason we strongly suggest that you call to discuss your individual situation with our professionals. It is helpful to see photographs and that may be part of the process. Locations on the floor may result in a completely different set of issues to consider relative to a wall mount unit. Wall mounted units themselves may seem straightforward, but if they are located in-between existing baseboards that brings up an additional variable that must be addressed. This barely scratches the surface of the many considerations that must be thought through.

air return with filter
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40 by 20 $962.95 $1095.95

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metal return air filter grille
back view air return with cut to fit filter
back corner detail image showing welds
example of powder coat finishes available