craftsman heat registers

Craftsman heat registers

Staggering quantities of craftsman houses exist in the United States, enthusiastically embraced by aficionados. The heyday for this architectural style was from approximately year nineteen hundred to about nineteen thirty. But over recent decades there have been many new construction houses built with this stylistic flair. All of these homes, not to mention commercial buildings, can benefit by the judicious use of appropriately styled heat craftsman heat register and craftsman return air grilles.

Craftsman heat registers are characterized by simple faceplate designs that often incorporate square openings or possibly rectangular openings They can be located in the floor, the wall, or often at the junction where the wall and floor meet. Usually they are not located on the ceiling but occasionally in a more contemporary house or possibly a retrofit situation duct opening can end up being located on the ceiling. For floor or wall use our craftsman style registers represent a bargain value as long as you don't have a wide range of unusually dimensioned duct openings. The fairly limited size selection is made up for with the excellent choice of available finishes including oil rubbed bronze, black, polished copper, polished brass, antique brass, and brushed nickel. It is important to note the three millimetre thick faceplates, which are truly hefty in this affordable price range. Right out of the box they are set up for floor use. However, optional spring clips can quickly adapt them for wall use. Ceiling use is generally not an option, but if you are up for drilling a couple of holes through the metal it is possible to adapt them for ceiling use.

Complementary craftsman heat register styles

For unusual or gargantuan dimensions including large air returns consider the Mackintosh or Classic Grid styles in the turn of the century collection. Those were designed as a complement to these craftsman heat registers and feature half inch square openings as well. However, we can make them in any oddball dimensions you might need. Additionally, wooden registers in the geometric collection are an excellent complement for ceiling usage.

Craftsman style heat register in oil rubbed bronze

Sturdy thick faceplates provide heft not often found in this class.

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duct opening price
2.25 by 12 inches $34.95
4 by 10 $39.95
4 by 12 $40.95
4 by 14 $42.95
6 by 10 $51.95
6 by 12 $53.95
6 by 14 $57.95
8 by 10 $72.95

s&h: 8%, but at
least $16.95

craftsman vent covers in oil rubbed bronze