polished copper heat registers

Polished copper heat registers

If you're the type of person that rebels against the mainstream and has a strong desire to be individualistic stand apart from the crowd, then maybe you should strongly considered polished copper heat registers. Typical grilles are easily discovered to be available in oil rubbed bronze, classic black, various shades of white, not to mention different shades of brown, plated finishes such as brushed nickel, chrome, polished brass and a number of others. But it is unusual to find polished copper heat registers, which is unfortunate since coppery tones can be a great complement to a wide variety of architectural styles from nineteen fifties retro ranchers to the various Greek and Colonial revival Roman motif based styles such as federal, Georgian, cape cod, saltbox, and the great variety of colonial revival styles that have occurred throughout our nation's history.

Polished copper heat registers; styles availability

The options for polished copper vent covers include the summit, mission, and craftsman grille styles. There are different dimensioned registers available with each style so make certain you check the duct opening sizes. The craftsman style actually looks very appropriate in many styles of homes, not just craftsman. The craftsman style is intended for floor use, but optional wall mounting clips are on hand should you need them. For ceiling use you'll need to call us for tips on modification, but this location is best avoided unless you have the ability to drill through steel to provide mounting holes. Mission style is another faceplate design that has no problem looking appropriate in many styles of houses. The summit and mission style grilles for six inch width duct opening come with matching screws and are set up to easily install in the ceiling.

Craftsman style heat register in copper

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duct opening price
2.25 by 12 inches $34.95
4 by 10 $39.95
4 by 12 $40.95
4 by 14 $42.95
6 by 10 $51.95
6 by 12 $53.95
6 by 14 $57.95
8 by 10 $72.95

s&h: 8%, but at
least $16.95