craftsman heat register in brushed nickel

Craftsman style heat register in brushed nickel

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duct opening price
2.25 by 12 inches $34.95
4 by 10 $39.95
4 by 12 $40.95
4 by 14 $42.95
6 by 10 $51.95
6 by 12 $53.95
6 by 14 $57.95
8 by 10 $72.95

s&h: 8%, but at
least $16.95


Brushed Nickel Air Duct Covers

Air vent designs for a modern or vintage HVAC system are often chosen in brushed nickel for kitchen or bathroom areas.

In general, it is difficult to locate an air vent that is both high style and affordable. So many appear to stylish, but upon closer inspection you often find that the face plate is made of very thin metal. Often you can deform or bend the metal face plate with your finger. This craftsman style air vent has the advantage of a very thick steel faceplate that makes it completely appropriate for use in a location where it might sometimes accidentally get stepped on. You know it is going to happen. It is best to get something that you won't have to worry about as far as damage.

Although brushed nickel air duct covers are an excellent choice for a craftsman style house such as a bungalow, it also looks very good in other styles such as a ranch, lodge, cabin, and even contemporary modern house. It would also look good in a spanish revival or mediterrean revival home.

Brushed nickel air duct covers work best for floor registers, but if you have a wall heat register it is still possible to make it work with the use of our optional wall mounting clips which conveniently attach to the back and only require a gentle push into the duct opening to provide a secure mounting for your air vent. Ceiling uses are not really what these are designed for, but it is still possible if you are willing to drill a couple of screw holes yourself. Always drill an air vent from the back to avoid having the drill bit skip around and mar the surface. It is tempting to try to use the wall mounting clips to attach the air vent to the ceiling, but this is an exceedingly bad idea since they will eventually work their way out and then the air vent will bonk you on the head. Given how heavy they are that could cause major damage. Don't do it. Always securely mount an air vent.