hammered copper register covers for historic restoration

Hammered copper register covers

Exemplary taste never becomes obsolete. Little exhibits more tastefulness than hand hammered copper register covers. Uniquely American in design and execution, these superlative beauties are immediately at home in an extemely wide variety of archtectural styles such as classic craftsman bungalow, any of a panoply of English revival styles such as so-called "stockbroker" Tudor, English cottage (sometimes referred to as Cotswald cottage), American foursquare, Greene and Greene influenced super bungalows, anything with a Stickley, Morris, or Charles Rennie Mackintosh influence, and to a lesser extent Frank Lloyd Wright prairie style structures.

Copper that is used in our hammered copper register covers is initially very pink, somewhat similar to what you would expect with a new penny. But after our artisan is through the labor intensive construction materials are applied that result in a very dark and impressive patina that is technically dark brown but in many cases approaches almost black. Because all patinas are hand developed it is a good idea to order all pieces that you want to match at the same time. Even then there is likely to be some variation due to the hand made nature, so be aware of that.

Appropriate installation locations

Copper is softer than many other metals such as steel. For that reason, it is a good idea to use these hand hammered copper registers only on wall or ceiling surfaces. Unlike many other typical registers these are not designed to be walked on and will quickly develop unsightly scratches if used on the floor. They are also flat panels and do not have damper mechanism or the supporting steel framework often used for adding support for floor applications.

Pacific style hammered copper register covers

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duct size overall dimensions price
2 by 8 3.25 by 11.25 $93.84
2 by 10 3.25 by 13.25 $96.50
2 by 12 3.25 by 15.25 $100.50
2 by 14 3.25 by 17.25 $105.50
4 by 8 5.25 by 11.25 $117.75
4 by 10 5.25 by 13.25 $115.75
4 by 12 5.25 by 15.25 $121.75
4 by 14 5.25 by 17.25 $128.75
6 by 8 7.25 by 11.25 $132.75
6 by 10 7.25 by 13.25 $138.75
6 by 12 7.25 by 15.25 $145.75
6 by 14 7.25 by 17.25 $155.75
8 by 8 9.25 by 11.25 $172.75
8 by 10 9.25 by 13.25 $175.75
8 by 12 9.25 by 15.25 $182.75
8 by 14 9.25 by 17.25 $192.75

other sizes available as long as they are even multiples!

$249.96-and up.....6%