surface mount eggcrate register for vintage or contemporary buildings

Surface mount eggcrate register

Equally appropriate for vintage homes and additionally contemporary houses, this register is extremely versatile. A surface mount eggcrate register lends itself to uncluttered design philosophy and vintage as well as modern appearances simultaneously due to simple lines and clean look. It is easy to picture these in craftsman, colonial, cabin, lodge, ranch, Victorian, ranch style, or contemporary structures.

Ideally registers are located in areas unlikely to get stepped on. However, sometimes it is simply unavoidable and selecting the strongest design available in order to stand up to foot traffic is imperative. The eggcrate register is undoubtedly the best design in terms of strength. Concerning duct opening widths of fewer than 6 inches it doesn't matter whether you get a traditional louvered type of wood register or an eggcrate register. Above that dimension strength becomes increasingly important and eggcrate registers should be strongly considered if you have your heart set on wood registers.

If wanting wood registers and maximum airflow is important then the superior option is eggcrate style. Generally you are looking at about fifty seven percent open area in the faceplate design. That is considerably advantageous to the typical slotted wood designs who are closer to forty seven percent or so.

Eggcrate register wood options

Standard woods choices include red oak and paint grade maple. We have a wide variety of other woods to choose from ranging from exceedingly common woods like white oak all the way to exotic choices such as antique heart pine. Some of the more popular wood choices include hickory, red birch, stain grade maple, alder, poplar (often used when they will be painted), southern yellow pine, and white pine.

Somewhat pricier than typical wood units, there is simply a lot to recommend for this style of register, from sturdiness to styling that won't go out of date. Furthermore, we make eggcrate registers in a myriad of sizes from standard dimensions to non-standard fractional sizes. Typical overall thickness is three quarters of an inch, although if you have other requirements we are happy to discuss them.

Surface mount eggcrate register

What a great vintage look for a floor register! Our unique egg crate floor registers have everybody talking about the classic styling! They just look remarkable in a historic home, as well as present day architecture.

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2.25 by 14 $101.95 $89.95 $126.95 $114.95
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4 by 12 $101.95 $89.95 $126.95 $114.95
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6 by 10 $104.95 $89.95 $129.95 $114.95
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6 by 14 $104.95 $89.95 $129.95 $114.95
8 by 10 n/a $89.95 n/a $114.95
8 by 12 n/a $89.95 n/a $114.95
8 by 14 n/a $99.95 n/a $124.95

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