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metal vent covers, Custom vent cover, oversized metal heat registers

metal vent covers

Metal vent covers provide a lot of flexibility when considering what type of heat registers may be most appropriate for any given situation. Occasionally certain duct openings may be unusual sizes thus making it difficult to find a grille that will fit successfully since a standard size register might not work. In the turn of the century collection it is an easy proposition for us to create a custom vent cover including, but not limited to oversized metal heat registers that need to be sturdy enough to stand up to foot traffic. Most of the time standard size duct openings are what the typical person encounters and thus can use a non custom register, but maybe twenty percent of the time the openings may be something more challenging.

Custom vent cover tips

In the unlikely event that you have something out of the ordinary you'll need to make measurements of the duct opening that are as precise as possible before calling in. If the opening is a little bit oversized it may be possible to reduce the opening size if necessary by nailing thin strips of wood in the sides of the opening, which is often made easy by incorporating paint stirring sticks as shims. If the oversize is on the order of a quarter inch then it is probably not even necessary to do anything at all. But something like three quarters inch would most likely need tightening up. Smaller than standard size may necessitate having a register made that is sized specifically for your opening, which is really not a financial burden, although it may mean that a damper is not available.

Oversized metal heat registers

Sometimes large air returns require oversized metal heat registers that are reinforced with welded steel supports to provide the sturdiness necessary for floor use. If these are located on the wall or ceiling those are not needed, but of course it will be important to have screwholes and matching screws. Often these large return air situations require a custom vent cover due to being an oddball dimension.

Duct openings close to a wall

A particularly common problem for vintage home owners is a floor duct opening that is very close to an obstruction such as a wall. A heat register has a lip on all four sides and these rest on the floor and provide the necessary support when someone stands or walks on it. If there is a little bit of flooring in between the duct opening and the wall then that is good news. In this turn of the century collection we can make a register with a narrow lip on the side next to the wall. Alternatively, another possibility is to make a register that isn't quite as wide as the duct opening and then you'll be able to slide it toward the center of the room since there will be a little leeway. However, if you are missing any flooring at all for the lip to rest on then consider screwing and maybe gluing a piece of wood against the side of the opening next to the wall. Then you'll have a sturdy support for the register lip to rest on. It isn't necessary for the wood to match the flooring since it will be covered up by the lip of the register anyway.

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