eggcrate grille bracing

wood egg crate return air grille

with welded steel support system

If your opening is over 12 inches square and is being used on the floor, then you'll need this solid welded steel framework that will provide support so you won't have to worry about people walking or standing on the grille. There are a lot of vintage houses with very large eggcrate grilles, usually broken. This is the perfect solution! Available on the rounded edges style.

Call for quote, or use this formula: (.74)(duct width)(duct length) + 40.

So, for example, an opening that is 10 by 20 inches would be .74 x 10 x 20+40, which works out to $188. That would include the welded steel and also the register.

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closeup 1
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eggcrate return air grille

This common style of floor air return was popular during the heyday of gravity style coal fired heating system. Because of the lack of a fan heated air would rise or fall through the heat registers via the process of convection. As a result duct openings had to be much larger than the sizes we are typically familiar with today. When a duct opening is located on the floor it becomes problematic to provide a vent cover that is strong enough to support much weight as the duct opening size gets larger. One factor contributing to strength of the grille is the type of wood. Oak is generally a good choice, being a strong wood and one that works with a wood floor of similar material. Certainly that is much better than a soft wood like pine. Also, the quality of joinery is important. Eggcrate grid floor vents from back in the day often had very crude joints and did not even have glue in the joint to help out! Our joinery is on a complete other level and is made with highly calibrated machinery as well as glue joints. It is sufficient to support weight up to twelve inches. For dimensions above that we offer attached welded steel support structures (shown above), which extend the weight capacity to previously unknown heights. Furthermore, we offer surface mount as well as flush mount choices

wood air return duct openings

Before ordering it is important to measure the floor opening accurately. If you are planning to have the top of the register flush with the surrounding floor this is especially important. In that event, you should also look to see if you have a small ledge below floor level that the old register was resting on. Ideally that would be located about 1.25 inches below floor level.

If you have not already done so, it is a good idea to clean out the duct opening. Masking off the area and giving the opening a light coat of flat black spray paint will go a long way to projecting a professional appearance as everything in the opening will recede into shadow.