geometric toe kick register
toe kick vent covers

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Toe kick register

A toe kick register is a decorative heat register located at the bottom of a cabinet, typically a kitchen cabinet but also possibly a cabinet in a utility room, butler's pantry, garage workshop or any other location where cabinets reside. Unfortunately, there is often a severe shortage of vertical space available and it becomes necessary to make certain the overall height of the toe kick register is sufficiently short to fit in the area. This rules out many toe kick vent covers. This is where our geometric registers are greatly superior since they allow you to choose the desired overall dimensions so it can fit the area perfectly. You also completely control the dimensions of the borders on all four sides; not surprisingly the border widths on the long sides is typically narrow and the borders on the left and right sides are usually on the order of one inch. A geometric toe kick register is

Toe kick vent covers woods and pricing

Geometric toe kick vent covers are made of one quarter inch thick high density plywood with a top veneer that is either oak, cherry, maple, or paint grade wood. We have some other woods as well so if you have a special need such as hickory, fir, mahogany, or something else give us a call and we'll see if we can help. Typically pricing stay the same regardless of wood species. Pricing of a toe kick register varies depending upon the number of square inches, but usually it is somewhere around thirty dollars just to give you a ballpark idea. For an exact quote please call us with your dimensions. Since the location of these is typically not where you would want to shut off the air these are usually provided without airflow dampers. However, if that is something you would like to have they are available separately.