antique brass heat registers

antique brass heat registers

If you want to add the extra panache of brass but would prefer to tone down the brightness factor consider antique brass heat registers as a viable alternative. There are many different types of patinas that are associated with antique brass finishes and it is probably unrealistic to expect perfect between any particular antique brass heat registers you might get and other items in the room that may also feature a similar patina including but not limited to door hinges, door knobs, picture frames, installed or freestanding lighting including chandeliers, pendant lights, table lamps, wall sconces, flush ceiling mounted lights or variations of the above. However, it may be too boring to have everything match perfectly and it is probably more advantageous to feature complementary finishes and be done with it.

base metals and plated finishes on an antique brass vent cover

The likelihood that underneath a plated finish on your antique brass heat registers you will find steel is very high. Steel makes for a very strong substrate, which is important since antique brass vent covers are likely to have numerous people stepping on them throughout the years and it would be great if they were unlikely to bend. Still, it is important to be careful in the choice of register since wall mounted registers can have very thin faceplates in comparison to ones that are floor mounted. And if you frequent big box stores you may easily locate floor mounted registers in which the faceplates are so thin that you could easily bend them with your fingers right there in the store, not that we would suggest that, of course. But the larger point is that something with a flimsy faceplate is not a good choice, either for structural reasons or for aesthetic cosmetic reasons. It doesn't cost much more to get something that is high quality that you'll be able to enjoy over the years,

Summit in antique brass

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Victorian heat register in antique brass closeup