polished brass floor registers withflat black dampers. May also be used on wall or ceiling.

Polished brass floor registers

Polished brass floor registers are a sure fire way to contribute an aura and ambiance of class and distinction to an otherwise pedestrian interior. Not every architectural style is a wonderful choice for polished brass floor registers, for example the Arts and Crafts movement exemplified by craftsman bungalows, American foursquares, and various English revival styles such as Tudor and Cotswald cottage would not be preferential. However, a superlative candidate for polished brass floor registers would be Colonial styling and related appearances such as later Greek revival architecture such as used in not only homes throughout the various revival periods, but also allied commercial and government structures. At least the government structures popular in traditional America prior to acquiescing to modern styles such as Brutalism. Not familiar with that style? Look it up. It's not an improvement over the traditional styles.

measuring duct openings

As with any heat registers, polished brass hvac registers should be ordered in such a manner that they fit properly right out of the box, therefore it is of the utmost importance to measure the duct opening carefully. Standard sizes are always even increments of an inch, so if you measurements do not conform to the that let's talk about your dimensions and make certain they are going to work. In general, opening sizes that are slightly larger are typically not a problem, but smaller openings can be problematic. There is one exception to the "even increments of an inch" rule, and that is for the narrow openings, which should be two and a quarter by either ten, twelve, or fourteen inches.

Notes about proper care

Like any other heat register over time dirt can build up leading to a less than ideal look. It is fine to take a register outside and hose it off. It's probably not even necessary to use any soap. Shake excess water off and wipe the faceplate with a towel. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it is a good idea to remove excess moisture right away to avoid rust in the damper area.

Mission style in polished brass

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duct opening price
2.25 by 10 inches $29.95
2.25 by 12 inches $31.95
2.25 by 14 inches $32.95
4 by 10 $35.95
4 by 12 $36.95
4 by 14 $38.95
6 by 10 $46.95
6 by 12 $49.95
6 by 14 $53.95

s&h: 8%, but at
least $16.95