keyhole gravity baseboard register in black
white gravity register
gravity sloping register in oil rubbed bronze
back view
Classic Grid gravity register in black
white classic grid gravity register
oil rubbed bronze gravity register classic grid
back view
damper control knob

Baseboard registers information

A quick way to improve the view with a heritage look. Metal register damper is operated by reliable threaded tubular rod; compare to troublesome ordinary mechanisms. Up to 15 inches overall width of sturdy steel. Unlike typical register, measure these by outside dimensions; opening duct length is not critical.

overall vent size

Gravity baseboard registers

13 wide by 12 tall by 2.5 projection at the base

15 wide by 12 tall, 2.5 inch projection at the base

$330-and up.....6%

powder coat finish options: black, oil rubbed bronze, silver, or paint-ready white


Gravity Baseboard registers

Metal ducting and baseboard registers

Often the metal ducting behind your baseboard register will not be flush with the wall surface, but will project outwards from the face of the wall. Because these gravity style baseboard registers are hollow behind it is possible that they might fit without problems. But the metal may be sticking out so far that it prevents the baseboard registers from sitting flush against the wall. In that case, there is a good chance that you’ll need to locate some tin snips and cut the metal back. Or it may be possible to take some pliers and bend the metal backwards inside the duct. Whatever the case, be aware that metal duct can be extremely sharp so you’ll want to make certain that you are wearing leather gloves and exercising great care.

Baseboard registers and floor cutouts

In office or home you may find that your duct opening is located on the wall, the floor, or both. If part of the floor is cut out, for a smooth install you’ll need to measure from the wall to the front of the hole in the floor and make sure that the ventilation cover projects out far enough at the base to cover up the hole in the floor.