heat register

Wood heat registers range from traditional fixed slat types to the single-block-of-wood heat vent with recessed thumbwheel that your vacuum cleaner will glide right over to the classic vintage eggcrate style. From the tasteful solid cast bronze heat registers to the more elaborate rustic motif vents these heat registers and wood, black, nickel, copper and brass are well worth viewing. We have some great closeup pictures of both metal heat register and wood registers, that will probably answer any question you might have about design and function. We also have custom cold air return grilles in wood as well a number of cast or laser cut metals. We are one of the very few places where you can acquire an oddball dimensioned metal register with a plated finish such as chrome, brushed nickel, polished nickel, polished copper, or a number of other plated finishes.

Many metal vents in brass are made made of very thick plated steel with two millimeter thick faceplates or even more. These are very sturdy and they can take the heat! You may have discovered that registers are difficult to locate if you are looking for an unusual duct opening dimension. We stock all the standard dimensions, as well are some very obscure ones. Plus, we have the ability to custom make certain model registers including different border widths, if needed. Case in point, in your kitchen underneath the bottom of the cabinets may be some sort of a toe kick register. In order to maximize the airflow going in or out of the area the border of the vent may need to be minimized, thus resulting in more air flow.

Wood vents in standard woods include in red oak, white oak, ash, maple, birch, hickory, southern yellow pine, white pine, or birch. In addition we offer heat registers in exotic woods such as walnut, cherry, genuine mahogany, quartersawn red or white oak, red birch, bamboo, and teak at a reasonable additional charge.

Heat registers can also be custom made. Typically this necessary for cold air returns. We feature the classic "egg crate" style cold air return that wood vents from 100 years ago often featured. We often find people that have had their contractor accidentally cut odd sized holes in their floor. Don't panic! It may be a predicament, but we can certainly fix the problem with custom size wood vents.

When you want to obtain floor registers, regardless of whether they are metal or if they are wood, it is very important to measure the size of the duct opening more than once. Measurements refer to the duct opening size. For example, if you get a 4 by 10 vent that means that the duct opening is 4 by 10 approximately, although the overall dimensions will be somewhat larger, probably they will be closer to five and one quarter by eleven and one quarter inches. When looking at registers, you might also want to check into matching cold air returns.

Most heat vents are designed to go into a floor location, in which case it will be held in place via gravity. If you are planning to mount in a wall or ceiling then in the case of a wood vent you will need to drill through the face of the unit and attached it with screws. Six inch wide units come with color matched screws for wall and ceiling mounting, but four inch wide do not. For the narrower heat registers you will need wall mounting clips which are available for a nominal charge.

We have recently added options for air returns or supply registers that are located in between baseboards. Not surprisingly, these are called baseboard registers. If you don't have the need for an airflow damper there is a lot more to choose from, but even if that is a necessity there is a possibility that something could be worked out using a duct mounted obd opposable blade damper.